A Story of Healing
I had been feeling unwell in my pelvic region for over a year.  Being in my early fifties and quite a well person, I did not worry too much, but I guess at some point in December last year I realised that I needed to get some tests.

I was referred for a pelvic scan, but didn't make time to go until late January (too busy as usual)
Then an urgent call back ensued and my GP said 'I'm sorry, but it looks like you may have Endometrial Cancer' (I didn't even know that was a thing). 

5 tumours, 3 being around 3cm, most likely non cancerous, but my endometrial layer was 12mm thick, which indicated Endometrial Cancer.  The words that were spoken were hysterectomy and other 'treatments'.  

The specialist was like, 'well my last 2 patients with a layer that thick both had cancer' and I am concerned there is something hiding behind your uterus which may be causing the thickness.

I was scheduled for an operation.  At pre op I requested 3 months to try to heal myself, but was told, 'well normally I would say that was ok, but in your case, I think you had better have the op asap'.

At post op I asked if I had been able to at least shrink the tumours, and was told that he 'didn't see any', I asked about the endometrial layer thickness, and was told 'it's completely normal'.

All in all I had 6 weeks to heal my body before the op. The research I did and the things I put in place to help my body were not not difficult for me to do, and the spiritual and emotional part of my journey was so incredibly miraculous and beautiful that thinking about them still makes me emotional.

I have other challenges that I am still working on, but I know that everything natural I do helps me every step of the way.

I am sharing my story to give hope and to let you know I am here to talk to about my journey and the things I learned, so please reach out if you or someone you know needs some support.

Lorna x


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